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Belmaks Heavy fabrication setup can produce a job of up to 10 tons and of max 12 mtr in Length.

Our resources in Fabrication are:
Cutting of steel - CNC Plasma, Laser and water jet can ensure cutting of any material accurately and quickly
Bending of steel - 12m tandem press brakes
Welding of steel - mig mag, Tig, SAW, etc. More than 80 machines
Painting - shot ballasting and airless Painting capability for up to 15 mtr x 5 mtr jobsize
Assy Line- 6 station SPV line producing Trailors
New Plasma Cutting Machine
Beam Weld Station
Boxing & Water Level Station
Rear Chasis JCB
Shot Blasting Shop
On Line Airless Painting
There are so many men who can figure costs, and so few who can measure values.. Author Unknown
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